We believe...

    ...in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Creator of everything.

    ...that the Bible is God's revealed word, and is true and trustworthy.     

    ...that all human beings are created in God's image and have a unique value.    

    ... that Jesus Christ, God's Only Son, was born a human being.

    ...that He lived a perfect life on earth, and died for our sins on the cross.

    ...that Jesus rose bodily from the dead and ascended into heaven.

    ...that all who trust Jesus as Saviour are forgiven and accepted by God.

    ...that the Holy Spirit is at work in the world, and lives within every believer.  

    ...that Jesus will return visibly to earth to judge everyone, and to establish  His eternal kingdom.



   Although Methodism in West Camel goes back to the 19th century or even  earlier, the present church was built in 1908 beside what was then a narrow country lane (see photo, right). This has now become the busy A303 London to Exeter trunk road. West Camel Methodists had previously worshipped in an "upper room" above a carpenter's shop in Keep Street (top). The  thatched roof leaked when it rained, and when the congregation was large —it seated 80 — props had to be placed beneath the floor to support it!

 The necessity for a new church became increasingly apparent, but lack of funds prevented this dream from becoming a reality for many years. It was when Mr and Mrs A E Clothier came to reside at Vale Farm and offered a plot of land for a new church that plans really got under way, and an estimate of £497.50 from Messrs. Chapman and Co., Builders of Yeovil was accepted. On July 14th 1908 the stone-laying ceremony took place, and new premises were officially opened on 24th September 1908. In 1974, an extension, including kitchen and toilets, was added, and in 1998, to coincide with the 90th anniversary celebrations, extensive alterations were undertaken. This involved reversing the interior layout of the chapel, constructing a new entrance, and renovating the church hall. In September 2005 we removed the wooden pews and replaced them with comfortable chairs.

In 2016 there was a major change of direction. Due to the danger posed to worshippers by the busy A303, our members made the decision to cease worshipping in the chapel, and to share the local Anglican Church — All Saints. See News page for more on this.


 Today, we are a small, but friendly congregation, and visitors always receive a warm welcome. We have a close working relationship with our friends at All Saints through West Camel Churches Together   West Camel Methodist Church belongs to the Somerset Mendip Methodist Circuit,  a group of twenty-four churches. See links page to access the Circuit website.

Stone-laying, July 14th 1908

The chapel on the A303

The "Upper Room"


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